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What Are You Eating? Healthy Picks for Women Over 50

March 1, 2024

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What are you eating? So, I am a big believer in the idea that your body is only as healthy as what you put in it. Not that I’m suggesting any food is a miracle cure for anything; it is not. But I know making a habit of certain foods can significantly reduce your risk and improve your symptoms of some of the scariest illnesses we can face. And it’s all based on science. The benefits of healthy picks and wholesome foods for women over 50 are not a myth. As we age, it’s more important than ever to pay attention to our health and our well-being. And don’t get me wrong, ladies, I indulge in my share of hamburgers and cheesecake. What kind of life is it when we get to this age, and can’t treat ourselves? But it’s more about the whole story. The long game. The big picture. So, let’s get to it!


What are You Eating? Healthy Picks for Women Over 50


Is Drinking Green Tea Good for You?

Green tea is my everyday drink. I literally try to drink at least 2 cups a day. Why? Here ya go. You’re welcome.

  • It’s anti-inflammatory + anti-aging.
  • It improves blood sugar and insulin resistance, which can help with a healthy weight.
  • The antioxidants in green tea are thought to help with cancer prevention, reduce blood pressure, and lower cholesterol.
  • It helps protect the brain against dementia and Alzheimer’s.
  • It helps with weight loss in older women, and all you have to do is drink 4 cups a day. Also, zero calories!
  • Green tea helps protect against osteoporosis.
  • A component of green tea, L-theanine helps with memory, anxiety, and stress. It also is thought to mitigate some of the effects of the small amount of caffeine in green tea.

Does green tea have caffeine in it?

Yes, it does, but much smaller amount than black tea or coffee. Green tea contains 20-35 mg of caffeine, while the average cup of black tea and coffee can contain up to 100mg.


What are You Eating? Healthy Picks for Women Over 50- Green Tea


Best Superfood Greens

According to the USDA, “Studies have shown that eating 2 to 3 servings of green leafy vegetables per week may lower the risk of stomach, breast and skin cancer. These same antioxidants have also been proven to decrease the risk of heart disease.” They also help keep your digestive system healthy and help with weight control. Spinach and kale are both rich in vitamin D, which can help control your body’s inflammatory response. This, in turn, could help prevent autoimmune diseases.


What are You Eating? Healthy Picks for Women Over 50- Fresh Greens


List of Cruciferous Veggies Good for Your Healthy

Broccoli, cabbage, or cauliflower, anyone? Studies show that cruciferous vegetables, in addition to being a great source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber, can lower the risk of cancer. Including a big one for women our age, breast cancer. So add them to stir-fry, use cauliflower as a rice or potato replacement, or use broccoli sprouts in your salads. I love a chopped cabbage salad with tuna myself!


What are You Eating? Healthy Picks for Women Over 50


Health Benefits of Olive Oil

Have you heard of healthy fats? Well, olive oil may be the best one for women. According to the National Institute of Health, olive oil is a genuine superfood for the fairer sex. It has protective elements for heart disease, gynecological cancers, osteoporosis, and postmenopausal disorders. If you are still using vegetable oil in your kitchen, time to throw it out. I use olive oil for everything, even baking. In fact, I even put olive oil in the refrigerator in a small container, and when it solidifies, I use it in place of butter. It’s that important.


What are You Eating? Healthy Picks for Women Over 50- Olive oil


Why Eat Salmon and Tuna?

Fatty fish like salmon, tuna, and mackerel are full of a group of fatty acids called Omega-3. Science proves that Omega-3 reduces your risk of heart disease. But they also can improve arthritis symptoms with their anti-inflammatory effects. It also helps to prevent post-menopausal bone loss, helps fight off depression, and reduces breast cancer risk. If you are eating tuna, I always choose regular chunk light tuna, as opposed to albacore. There is some evidence that albacore has a higher level of mercury in it. (OK, I cheat once in a while with albacore… it’s so good!)


What are You Eating? Healthy Picks for Women Over 50- Salmon Tuna


What Are Super Fruits?

Superfruits are any superfood that is, well, a fruit. The best healthy picks?

Can You Eat Too Many Blueberries?

Well, eating too much of anything can make you feel icky, but…The epitome of a pro-aging food, blueberries are considered one the most powerful healthy foods on the planet. In addition to doing everything green tea does, they are also highly nutritious and high in fiber, which is great for your digestive health. It’s high in vitamin C and manganese, which helps to regulate hormones. Also, the high vitamin C content in blueberries is thought to help prevent sun damage to your skin. However, limit blueberries if you are on blood thinners, as too many can cause issues with blood clotting.


What are You Eating? Healthy Picks for Women Over 50- Blueberries


What Are You Eating? Me? Avocado!

Here is another superfood full of healthy fats, fiber, and nutrients for women over 50. UCLA did a study that found that women from their 20s to their 70s could benefit from firmer skin by eating one avocado a day for eight weeks. They also lower blood pressure, feed essential fiber to your gut biome, and are chock full of anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants. Don’t like the taste or texture? Do like I do, and toss a small avocado into your morning protein smoothie! (You don’t taste it at all!)


What are You Eating? Healthy Picks for Women Over 50- Avocado


Why Pomegranate Juice is the Best

Ok, you might have seen bottles of pomegranate juice at your local Costco. Why is it so popular? Well, fresh pomegranate is only in season in the fall, so the juice is a great way to add it to your daily diet all year round. Why add it? In addition to providing protection against some cancers and heart disease, this fruit is a boon for menopausal women. According to the NIH, pomegranate improves hot flashes and menopause symptoms significantly. Add it to a smoothie, or mix it half and half with club soda to make a refreshing drink that isn’t too sweet, but so good for you! It also can help with memory,  joint pain, and weight gain over time.


What are You Eating? Healthy Picks for Women Over 50


Flax Seeds for the Win!

Full of both fiber and nutrients and those amazing Omega-3’s, flax seed can be really important for women’s health. It has mild estrogenic properties that may help ease menopausal symptoms and help with heart health and cholesterol as well. Studies show flax seed can lower the risk of breast cancer, particularly for post-menopausal women. And you only need to eat one tablespoon a day to see the effects. You can sprinkle it over cereal or add it to yogurt, use it in a smoothie, or use it in baked goods. It is best to use ground flaxseed instead of whole; it’s tough for the body to break down the hull of whole flaxseed. Fun fact: Did you know you can use ground flax as an egg substitute in baking? To replace one egg, whisk together 1 tbsp of ground flax seed with 3 tbsp of water until thickened. Know that using flax instead of egg can make the finished product a bit denser, so it works best for pancakes, muffins, and cookies.


What are You Eating? Healthy Picks for Women Over 50- Flax Seed


Ginger Benefits for Women Over 50

We all know that ginger can help with nausea. We might even have given our kids ginger ale when they were kids to soothe an upset tummy. But did you know that ginger has a host of other healthy properties? Ginger may ease joint pain, help fight cancer cells, and, according to Johns Hopkins, can even help those going through chemo to settle their stomachs. Is ginger good for the heart? Yep. It may mitigate the effects of oxidative stress, which improves heart health. You can eat fresh ginger or drink ginger tea. (I drink ginger tea almost every day!) If you go the tea route, make sure you choose an organic variety where ginger is the first (or only) ingredient. You can also find ginger capsules or ginger chews at health food stores for quick nausea relief.


What are You Eating? Healthy Picks for Women Over 50- Ginger


So that’s it, my healthy picks for the foods I think every woman over 50 should eat! Mind you, I’m no medical professional, but I have done research based on science on the benefits of superfoods for older women. Lots of research. And you should do your own as well. I hope all of you pick at least one of these amazing, wholesome foods and start adding them to your diet. Then, pick another one! So, what are you eating now?

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