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So many women pass 50 or better and feel like the best is behind them. Well I'm here to tell you it isn't true, and I can teach you how to flip the script on your life.
We mid-life+ gals? We. Are. Not. Done.

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The right mindset can change everything. But nothing works unless you are consistent. Thats why I developed my signature mindset coaching program specifically for women 50+. You deserve to know that there is more life waiting for you! But because society taught us to accept less, to be less, we feel burnout. Sadness. Anxiety. Lost. We don't need to change who we are. (You are already amazing!) We just need to change how we think about who we are. How about together we change those feelings to enthusiastic, confident, vibrant, joyful and happy?

You're stronger than you think you are. But if you're anything like me, you need help to take your super power to the next level. You just want someone to tell you what works.

The Path for Women 50 + Who Want to Thrive!

You're in the right place.

Alright, so think of a mindset as your mental default setting—the way you generally see and approach things. It's like the pair of glasses you wear, but in your brain. This mindset isn't set in stone; it can evolve based on your experiences and what you choose to focus on. For women 50+, society had a lot to do with how our mindset was shaped.

For instance, you might have a "growth mindset," which means you believe that with effort and learning, you can get better at pretty much anything. On the flip side, a "fixed mindset" is when you figure, "Well, I am what I am, and that's that." (Not true, BTW...)

Your mindset shapes how you tackle challenges, view failures, and deal with life's curveballs. If you're aware of your mindset, you can actually shift it around, kind of like adjusting those mental glasses to see things in a more positive light. It's all about how you frame things in your noggin.

Nothing Beats the Power of Positive Mindset!

What is YOUR Mindset?

I had experienced so much stress in my life. And now, I felt empty. Invisible. Then I discovered that everything that was holding me back from happiness was all about my mindset.

But somewhere along the way, I realized I couldn't figure this out alone. I needed help. And I got it. I did the therapy, the courses, read the books. I did the work. I figured out some things. Important things. And everything changed.

Six years ago, I turned 50. I was broken and tired and overwhelmed.

And then I realized that if these things changed everything for me, it could change everything for you, too.

And guess what...I can help because I've been there.

The Middle Girls Mindset Shift  Coaching System for Women 50+

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"Go from feeling invisible and over, to feeling confident and enthusiastic about creating a life you are excited to wake up to! "
My proven coaching program, based on science, helps women 50+ develop a positive growth mindset. What does that mean? It means finally squashing that inner critic and limiting beliefs and finding the strength to reinvent your life. 

This is your moment to change everything...

Every single day you will receive an email direct from me, supporting you on this journey. They are based on my 5 signature mindset teaching categories, with bonus printable worksheets and weekly challenges too! Each day I will share inspiration, education and a friendly nudge to help you start living the life you were always meant to. Support as close as your phone or laptop! Remember, nothing works without consistency. Consider me your mindset buddy!

Science has proven that journaling can help you decide what you want and need, and how to get it. It can help you feel more decisive, less anxious, and help you to figure out the person you want to be and the life you want to have. Get access to The Mindset Shift Journal, complete with daily writing prompts and uplifting quotes to make every single day, better! Want to see a sample? Click here and here!

Gain access to my library of mindset mapping modules - Easy to follow lessons about what mindset is, why it's important, and how it affects almost everything in one's life. Learn the importance of consistency in order to establish new thinking patterns. (Which is why the daily messaging is so effective!)
Coaching members have complete access as long as they remain part of the program.

Here's the Program

Daily Transformational Support Messages

The Middle Girls Mindset Shift- Journal

Mindset Mapping Modules

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The Middle Girls Womens Retreats are only for women 50+, and are a great way to get away, enjoy some place new and awesome, and to make friends! Build your tribe, enjoy in-person coaching sessions with me (Yep, we can hang out and chat!) and have a great time! We all deserve some girl time. Coaching members get priority enrollment and a 20% discount on all retreats!
Check out TMG Retreats.

Need to ask questions? Want to have a support community to lift you up and cheer you on in life? Need to find your tribe? Coaching members get access to a private online community just for them!

Weekly Live Video Group Coaching

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Each week I will hold a live video group coaching session, direct from my desk. You can lurk and be anonymous, or you can jump in and message questions and participate. It's entirely up to you! Group coaching sessions will also be recorded, so no worries if you can't make it live...

Women's Retreat Discounts

Private Middle Girls Community

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Let's Do This!

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Learn to view yourself as worthy and relevant, no matter what your age. 

How does this sound?

Start making choices that make your heart happy.



the results you're going to get:

Find your tribe and get support for life's unpredictable journey.


Kick that imposter syndrome and self doubt in the booty and feel confident.


Change your life, one mindset moment at a time!


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"Kathy changed my whole damn life in such a short period of time. I felt so overlooked- she helped me realize my worth and is helping me create the life I really want."


got her groove back:

"Think Katie's work is just for women? Think again. I'm a man (obviously), and my business tripled, too!"


Made six figures:


real results

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will have wished you started today....

So let's get started!

"You're stronger than you think you are. But if you're anything like me, you need help to take your super power to the next level. You just want someone to tell you what works." -KWB

You don't have to do it alone.

Ready for your life to change?

Changing your mindset means changing your negative self talk... Pretty hard to do without positive thoughts to counter them! This cheat sheet is full of positive affirmations specific to women 50+ and your challenges! Flip that negative mindset script! Free when you sign up for The Mindset Shift!

Mindset Shift Self Talk
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"This is your day. This is the time to go after it all.


I'm Kathy, your new get-a-grip friend.

I’m an online educator, business, motivational & mindset coach, podcast host and author helping to teach women over 50 how to empower themselves to create the life they always wanted... 

more about me

hey there!

I can help because I've been there...

I've spent the years learning, growing, changing. I grew a "cute little blog" to a business that has made over a million dollars. I've gone from a shy girl afraid of the world to someone who wants to live an amazing life, with purpose. I've done the research, read the books, taken the courses, built a thriving online business, and found my way.

I want to take what I’ve learned and share it with women 50+ who want to grow into who they are meant to be. Who are yearning for more. Help you find the mindset and the tools that can help you learn to live an unforgettable life.

It's never too late to rewrite your future, reignite your heart or rebuild your dreams.
We. Are. Not. Done.

I am an introvert with a lifetime of trauma and chaos behind me... If I can find the way to more joy + confidence, you can too!

It wasn't always this way.

At your own pace and time

Progress, Not Perfection


Follow a proven roadmap

“It’s time to put an end to the toxic culture about women & aging…
I'm here for the revolution, and I'm bringing the cocktails..." -K

Remember, you have to be willing to open your mind to the possibilities. To challenging the sterotype. You will need to apply what you learn; sweat equity into your vision is the only way to move the needle. 

One step at a time.

Practice. Persistence. Progress.

Empowering yourself to challenge the narrative on aging.

Flipping the script on negative mindset thinking, and finding confidence in it's place.

Discovering joy and peace inside of your perfectly imperfect (and yes, aging!) self!

Developing dreams and goals to carry you into and beyond retirement, living the life you never knew was waiting for you!

Finding ways to become more resilient in the face of life's challenges.

Feeling more balanced, and rested, and in alignment with what you are wanting to create for your life.

If you want THIS to be the year that you *finally* commit to:

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Try My Program for 30 days. Get your money back if it didn’t serve you.

Here's the thing. I truly believe TMG's Mindset Shift System can help you make the changes you want to see in your life. And I believe so deeply in my cause to help women 50+ to find their true purpose, identity, and joy that if the program does not serve your needs, simply email me within the first 30 days of paid enrollment at info@TheMiddleGirls.com and request a refund!
You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

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This      for you if:

You need to finally make time for your needs

You don't see any need for change in your life

YOu ARE tired of aging being a dirty word

you are not open to new ideas

You know you deserve better but dont know to get there

It's probably       for you if...




It's probably
for you if...


Let's Do This Thing!

Are you a therapist?

No. Therapy is important for dealing with mental illness. But coaching can help you achieve personal goals such as improved well being and confidence, at an affordable cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't make the times for the live coaching video calls?

No worries! Every live coaching video call will be recorded and posted in your coaching tools library for you to view later, or to view over again!

Can I get my daily coaching messages via text?

I am working on adding a texting alternative for those who prefer it.
That way you no matter which you prefer or you have access to, you never miss your daily support!

I am past my 50's, will this work for me if I'm in my 60's, 70's or 80's?

Ladies, we are all in the same "aging" boat... If it's not the end, it's still the middle! Yes, I have readers into their late 80's!

If I don't know anything about all this mindset business, will I get it?

My program is designed to come at you in tiny little bites, meeting you where you are at! Even if you never get the theory,  you will get the coaching!

How does your refund policy work?

You have 30 days after you start your first paid month to request a refund. Just email me at info@themiddlegirls.com.

Can I cancel the coaching program at any time?

You can cancel your coaching program at any time. When you cancel, your current month will finish and you will not be billed going forward.

If I'm not ready to commit yet, how can I stay in touch?

Not sure yet? I get it... In the meantime, please visit our Freebies page, the Blog, and sign up for my weekly newsletter to make sure you don't miss out on this amazing community for women 50+!


Percentage of women 50+ who may suffer from depression


Number of times I have cried about that (at least!)


Women 50+ who have been the victim of ageism


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I completely understand. But while you are mulling it over, I invite you to check out my freebies page with lots of great free stuff just for my readers! 

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