Why “The Middle Girls”? The Truth for Women over 50

After 50, I felt… a little empty. I felt…over. I mean, I knew intellectually that wasn’t true, but it’s still how I felt. I wanted it all to mean something.

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Confident Woman Quotes

Words are powerful. Whether those words are spoken just in your own head or sharing them out loud, they make a difference. They can change the actual chemical make-up of your brain, for better or worse. So, use these 25 best confident woman quotes for midlife+ to make some positive, uplifting changes! Way better than […]

25 Best Confident Woman Quotes for Midlife+

Self Care

Low Maintenance Haircuts for Women Over 50

For most women, when they reach 50 or better, finding a hairstyle that looks fresh and updated and not frumpy can be tough. We tend to get stuck with “what’s always worked”. But we don’t want to spend an hour at the mirror anymore fixing our hair. And some of us with chronic pain issues […]

12 Low Maintenance Haircuts for Women Over 50 That are Super Cute!

Style + Beauty

So I have been accused of being a beauty product addict.So needless to say, Ive tried my share of beauty products. And then tried some more.

Best Makeup Products for Women Over 50

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Aged Beauty

If you are a woman 50+ then you have probably felt that feeling and said to yourself at some point… “I just don’t feel beautiful anymore.” Whether it’s an ongoing battle you have with the mirror, or a fleeting moment, the problem is not you. It’s the belief that society ingrained in us that aging […]

Aged Beauty : How to Feel Beautiful Again

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Self-awareness as we age

Ladies, as we age, we tend to get a little stuck in our thinking. It happens to all of us to some degree.  A lot of us forget to be aware of who we are and how we project ourselves as we move along the road of life. Girls, I am here to tell you […]

Who, Me? Embracing Self-Awareness as We Age

Self Care

I think that older women all have this thing in common… We all have made our share of mistakes. And these range from a little red-faced faux pas all the way to creating life-altering issues for someone we love or loved. We’ve lived long enough to have goofed. Some little. Some big. I know I’ve […]

How to Forgive Yourself for Past Mistakes

Self Care

Ready to sprinkle some self-love into your life? Let’s have a friendly chat about setting boundaries – because rocking your golden years means knowing when to say yes, when to say no, and when to put yourself first. First of all, I have a history with not setting strong enough boundaries. I mean, people pleaser, […]

Setting Healthy Boundaries for Women 50+

Self Care

What is Mindset, and Why is Mindset Everything? Alright, so think of a mindset as your mental default setting—the way you generally see and approach things. It’s like the pair of glasses you wear, but in your brain. This mindset isn’t set in stone; it can evolve based on your experiences and what you choose […]

Mindset Is Everything for Women 50+ – How to Flip the Script on Negative Thinking

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Mood Boosters for Older Women

Hey there, fabulous Middle Girls! Life can throw its challenges at us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take charge of our own happiness. Being 50+ can be hard, whether you are 51 or 101. Every season has it’s own challenges. We all need a mood booster from time to time! Whether you’re juggling work, […]

Mood Booster Ideas for Older Women: Simple Ways to Feel Happier Every Day

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How to Be a Good Grandma

As a grandmother, you can hold a unique and cherished role in your grandchildren’s lives. Building and growing a strong relationship with them can be the best. But it’s not always easy bonding with them. Learn how to be a good grandma. How fun with grandma can help you strengthen those bonds!   How to […]

How to Be a Good Grandma- 10 Ways to Bond with Your Grandkids

Purpose + Legacy

Hey there, fabulous ladies in your 50s and beyond! The holiday craze is knocking on our doors, and let’s face it – it can get a bit overwhelming. But fear not, because we’ve got some super laid-back holiday stress-busting tips to help you breeze through the holidays with your sanity intact and a big ol’ […]

Holiday Stress-Busting Tips for Women 50+: Unwind and Enjoy!

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Kathy Woodard Bates - The Middle Girls

Finding Purpose in Life After 50 +: It’s Your Time to Shine! Hello, wonderful woman in the prime of your life! Today, we’re diving into a subject near and dear to my heart: the pursuit of passion, even when you’ve reached the midpoint+ point of your life’s journey. And guess what? It’s entirely possible, and […]

Finding Purpose in Life After 50 +

Purpose + Legacy

So recently, I asked my Middle Girls on social media what were some of their top frustrations with being over 50+. The number one concern was that they had not saved enough money for retirement, or even none at all. Or, that they no money to live in retirement with their financial future set in […]

Retirement for Women – How to Ensure Your Financial Future, Even if You’re Over 50 and Never Saved a Dime…


Body Positivity in Older Women

Body Positivity is Important for Older Women Too… A Quick Story You Can Probably Relate To… Today, someone I barely know wanted to ask a question… They asked me if the size of my tummy was just from having kids? Is that normal? Trust me, any body positivity I had at that moment went straight […]

Body Positivity is Important for Older Women Too… Right?

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Confidence and self esteem for older women

I talk a lot about the fact that women over 50 are from generations where we were taught to have low confidence and poor self esteem. That’s right girls, it isn’t your fault. Society taught us older women all the things we needed to know to have significant issues with our self love when we […]

Confidence and Self Esteem for Older Women – How to Boost Both

Self Care

Are you a woman over 50 feeling lost and unsure of what’s next? Not exactly a woman in a midlife crisis, but more an existential quandary? Looking for a way to reinvent yourself, but not sure how to do it… or if you even should? After spending most of your adult life in “doing” mode, […]

How to Reinvent Yourself At 50+ – Choosing Something New

Self Care

If you are a women over 50, chances are you were raised with certain societal expectations for, and about, women. And chances are good, that programming goes very deep.

How Society Damaged Me (And Probably You Too!

Self Care

Today, I feel fat. And flabby. And ugly.  Yes, I know, I’m teaching confidence, and positive body image, beauty is in who we are. Success on our terms. And, I really believe that. Truly, I do. But…

Do You Feel Fat? The Big Lie – Self Care for Women Over 50

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I feel like so many of us struggle, especially now with the world as it is, with things unsaid, things unshared, and things unacknowledged. We don’t talk about what is hurting us…

We Need to Have a Conversation About Women’s Mental Health Over 50…

Self Care

We all want to travel when we reach middle age, right? Vacation mode, 365? We dream of lounging at an outdoor cafe in Paris with a book and a glass of wine…

Vacation Mode: Travel Time Outs