20 Hobbies for Women: From Art to Adventure, Find Your Joy Over 50+

July 2, 2024

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So ladies, if you are a woman 50+, chances are you’ve spent a good part of your life taking care of those around you. And maybe now you may even be looking at being a caretaker again, with aging parents. But here’s the thing. We are now wise enough to know that WE COUNT TOO. And if we don’t take ahold of that idea and grab onto it, there will never be enough time for you. Never time to recharge and reboot. Hobbies for women 50+ are important. They are important because they allow us to disconnect from life’s difficulties, cultivate something we love, learn and grow more confident, and have something that is for us, for a change. They keep us engaged, mind and body, which is proven to slow the aging process.

But I think a lot of us get to this point and have no idea what we are interested in. If someone asks what your hobbies are, your mind goes blank as you try to recall a time when you were about more than soccer practice, or choosing colleges, or climbing the ladder, or arranging for help for our parents, or growing our business, or funding our retirement. (We are all different, fill in the blank here…) So, I’m gonna give you a jumpstart. These cool hobbies for women are all a great place to begin. Try one, try them all, or just get better at something you once loved.

Plan for it and prioritize it. Schedule something just for you. Or, use a hobby to bring you closer to someone you love by sharing it. Dealers choice. Womens hobbies can be anything that makes you sit up in interest or wonder. I’ve included links with each of these ideas with instructions, or where you can find out more about them. So Ladies, get to it. Grab what you deserve and make something all about you. (Note: Some of these hobbies for women seem ordinary… cooking, baking, hiking. But to every one of these I have introduced a twist so that you can learn an entirely new and current version of the hobby!)


Hobbies for Women 50+


Hobbies for Women

Art Hobbies for Women


  • Upcycling Furniture: I used to do this a LOT when I owned The Budget Decorator. Honestly, it can be so much fun. You can customize almost any piece you find at a yard sale or thrift shop to showcase your personality. And isn’t that what decorating should be about? You can just update the piece you find to look more on trend and create a whole new piece that seems brand new. “My Creative Days” has a great article on how to get started. Or, you can get really creative. Learn how to create whimsical furniture makeovers over at “Traceys Fancy“. I mean, amazing, right???


Hobbies for Women 50+


  • Building Pet Furniture: Which brings me to my next womens hobby idea, building pet furniture. Again, you can upcycle furniture to create pet pieces, like this pet bed made from an old TV cabinet at “Restoration Redoux“. Or, you can buy a few cheap supplies at Ikea and try something like this kitty cube over at “Enter My Attic.”


Hobbies for Women 50+


  • Perfume Making and DIY Beauty: I have delved into this hobby myself. I love the idea of customizing my own beauty products and skin care. Plus, I can keep it more natural. Learn all about perfume making at “Lemons, Lavender, and Laundry“, and “Wellness Mama” is a good place to start making your own DIY beauty and skincare.


  • Flower Arranging: I love flowers. LOVE them. If you have always wanted to learn how to arrange beautiful blooms, I highly recommend a book called Floret Farms: A Year In Flowers, or Floret Farms Cut Flower Garden. This is a floral nursery that is local to us in the Seattle area, and her books make gorgeousnous accessible, and easy. (Is that a word?) She has step-by-step “recipes”, and flower shopping lists and still encourages you to go out and design on your own. But if you want to do something a little more minimal, try Ikebana, a Japanese floral technique. You can learn all about it at “Honey Oh My.”


Hobbies for Women 50+


  • Cooking and Baking: I am not a great cook. Not a bad one, just not a great one. But I am working on my baking. There is something so satisfying in it. But I never like to do anything just like everyone else. So I am learning how to make them with edible flowers. If that interests you, check out the book Botanical Baking. (I love the white chocolate wildflower bark!) I also love to do cupcakes, and I am carrying over my love of flowers into my decorating. Learn how to decorate floral cupcakes like a pro at “Cakes by Lynz“.


Hobbies for Women 50+


  • Fashion Design and Sewing: I wish I could sew my own clothes. I hate it when I am looking for a particular style that I feel is flattering to my body, but doesn’t happen to be on trend that season. If you’ve always liked sewing, learn how to design your own clothes by taking this free one-hour course at “The Sewing Retreat“.


  • Sewing and Yarn Craft: Ok, I recently learned to crochet. I had embroidered and cross-stitched in my younger years but hadn’t been attracted to crochet. I just saw in my mind those granny square afghans my great-grandmother made, with mismatched colors and old-fashioned style. I thought of yarn crafts as hobbies for women that were a bit tired. But then, I realized some of the finest clothing, blankets and accessories in the fashion world are a knit. I started learning how to finger-crochet those big chunky knit blankets. Then I learned basic crochet and went crazy making simple things for my newest granddaughter. Also, I love scarves. Enough said?


  • Digital Scrapbooking: So many of us take and keep our photos on our phones these days. But if you thought the days of putting together a cute scrapbook are gone, think again. You can design scrapbooks on your computer, then either share them digitally or have the pages printed and placed into a traditional scrapbook. Learn more at “Kate Hadfield Designs“.


  • Crafting: Ideas for DIY projects you can craft are endless, right? But there is something that draws some of us to create. Why not try something a little different, that fits into your interests?  Love books? Try bookfolding art! Nature your thing? Create pebble art with this tutorial form “Gravel Road Living“. Your designs can get more intricate as you get more skilled.


Hobbies for Women 50+


  • Indoor/ Bonsai Gardening: My house is full of indoor plants. In fact, one of our Monstera plants just reached 10 feet tall! Indoor gardening can be more than just about plants you find at the grocery store. You can try Bonsai gardening, fairy gardens, or gardening with air plants. (I have like 20!) Specialize in philodendrons or cacti.


Hobbies for Women 50+


  • Soap Making: Learn the art of crafting beautiful and fragrant handmade soaps. And, make them pretty enough to sell with this tutorial from “Live, Laugh, Rowe“. Now, be aware, there are two ways to make soap. Using Lye and a more complicated process, or buying melt and pour soap base and simply adding your own oils and additions. I chose that route, lol. I love this botanical soap from “Garden Therapy“.


Hobbies for Women 50+


  • Amateur Theater: Almost every community has an amateur theater you can get involved with. This is a great way to increase your confidence by pushing you outside your comfort zone. It is also a great way to socialize. If you can’t stand the thought of standing up there, then learn to do stage makeup, set design, or wardrobe. Or, learn how to make puppets, then do puppet shows for kids. This can be a business or a volunteer activity.


  • Board Games and Puzzles: So playing board games is great for your mind, but you can take this step beyond. Learn how to design and make board games and puzzles. You can share these with family and friends and plan regular game nights. Check out the free “Board Game Design Course“.


Womens Hobbies for Outdoors

  • Hiking and Walking: Of all the hobbies for women, this is the one I recommend the most. It’s great low-impact exercise, and it’s great for your mental health. It can be as simple as strolling your neighborhood or local park.  But you can take it to another level by creating bucket lists to follow and check off. Here is a list of ideas for outdoor hobbies for women to get you started.


20 Hobbies for Women Over 50+


  1. Sunrise Hike: Find a local trail that offers a great view of the sunrise. Start early to reach the peak or lookout point just as the sun begins to rise.
  2. Historical Hike: Choose a trail that passes through historical landmarks or sites of local significance.
  3. Wildflower Walk: Plan a hike during wildflower season to see and photograph the blooms in their full glory.
  4. Forest Bathing: Find a serene, wooded trail and practice forest bathing (shinrin-yoku), immersing yourself in the sights, sounds, and smells of the forest.
  5. Autumn Foliage Hike: Plan a hike during the fall to enjoy the changing colors of the leaves.
  6. Photography Hike: Bring your camera and focus on capturing the beauty of the trail. Look for interesting plants, wildlife, and landscapes.
  7. Fitness Trail: Challenge yourself with a hike that has a significant elevation gain or longer distance to test your endurance and fitness.
  8. Botanical Hike: Choose a trail known for its diverse plant life and learn about the local flora as you hike.
  9. Seasonal Hikes: Plan hikes that showcase the best of each season, such as spring blooms, summer greenery, fall foliage, and winter landscapes.
  10. Wildlife Watching: Visit trails known for their wildlife and try to spot animals like deer, foxes, or other local fauna.


  • Gardening: If anyone were to ask me about my hobbies, first would be gardening. Nature soothes my soul, and when I’m in my garden, I forget about the “stuff” out there. Because I believe every garden is unique, the only advice I will offer here is no garden is too small, and no idea is too creative. When you find what speaks to your soul, then concentrate on that… Beyond a cut flower garden, herb garden, or rose garden, some theme gardens to consider?
  1. Moon Garden
  2. Zen Herb Spiral
  3. Fairy Garden
  4. Aquaponics Garden
  5. Living Wall (Vertical Garden)


  • Travel and Exploration: Nothing helps us grow more as humans than travel. So if you have the time, energy, and budget, plan adventurous trips to unusual places. If not, consider virtual travel. You may have to invest in a virtual reality headset, but after that, you can go anywhere you want in your own living room. Learn more about it at “AARP“.


  • Build Bird Houses and Feeders: But not ordinary birdhouses and feeders! Try creative and whimsical versions that will make everyone smile. These make amazing gifts, too. We love the camper birdhouse tutorial from ‘The Country Chic Cottage” or try this cottage birdhouse tutorial from “Jennifer Maker“.


Hobbies for Women 50+


  • Kayaking, Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP) or Sailing: So if you are looking for hobbies for women that are a little more adventurous, consider learning a water sport. I kayak, my sister paddleboards, and my husband is the one who loves sailing. If you have a body of water near you, there will be places you can take lessons. Paddleboarding might seem like it’s a trend for 20-somethings, but it has become mainstream because it is such good exercise, so meditative, and so good for our souls to be out on the water. Remember, you don’t have to stand, you can sit and paddle too! Women’s hobbies do not have to be traditional. If they can do it, we can do it!


  • Geocaching: Looking for hobbies for women that are more on the unusual side? Geocaching is a real-world treasure hunt using GPS devices. People hide small containers called “geocaches” or “caches” in various locations and share the GPS coordinates online. Others use these coordinates to find the caches, which usually contain a logbook to sign and sometimes small trinkets to trade. It’s a fun way to explore new places and enjoy the outdoors. Learn about the basics here.


  • Astronomy: My youngest son has gotten me involved in astronomy. People have always been interested in the stars, but most of us just look at them, find the big dipper and the moon, and that’s about it. In his words, “The stars remind us that in the big scheme of things, our problems are small and the world is wide.” You can use apps on your phone that tell you where the stars are, what they are, and when you can expect to see them. I use SkyView.


So if you are looking for cool hobbies for women 50+, this list is a great place to start. We all need to have something that gets us excited about life. We just need to take a step into be willing to learn and grow!

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