Finding Purpose in Life After 50 +

November 6, 2023

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Finding Purpose in Life After 50 +: It’s Your Time to Shine!

Hello, wonderful woman in the prime of your life! Today, we’re diving into a subject near and dear to my heart: the pursuit of passion, even when you’ve reached the midpoint+ point of your life’s journey. And guess what? It’s entirely possible, and the clock is always on your side when it comes to unveiling what truly lights up your soul. Finding Purpose in Life After 50 + is important. It counts. You count.

Let’s get real about this. Life has probably thrown you a few unexpected twists by now, and you might be pondering, “Is it too late to find my purpose and passion?” Well, here’s the truth: It is never too late! If you’ve been part of The Middle Girls Tribe for awhile now, you have probably picked up on our most important phrase

We. Are. Not. Done!


Kathy Woodard Bates - The Middle Girls

Step 1: Rediscover What Makes You Happy

Reflect on the activities that used to ignite your passion during your younger years. Perhaps you had a deep love for painting, dancing, or tinkering with gadgets. Maybe you’ve always been the source of change in your world, and you want to do something to make a difference. Start there! Revisit those hobbies and interests, and you might just reignite a dormant spark. It’s time to find out who you are, and do it on purpose!

Step 2: Embrace New Experiences

Middle age and better is the perfect time to step into uncharted territory. Consider enrolling in a cooking class, picking up a musical instrument, or joining a hiking group. Learn computer coding. Build a website. It’s all about pushing the boundaries and embracing fresh adventures.

Step 3: Tap into Your Inner Circle

Your closest friends and family often have valuable insights into your true self. They might have noticed hidden talents or recognized what genuinely brings you joy. Ask them for their thoughts on your strengths or what activities make you the happiest and most fulfilled. What speaks to your soul. Their perspectives can be a valuable compass in your quest to find purpose and passion as a mature woman.

Step 4: Listen to Your Inner Voice

Dedicate some quiet moments to introspection. Meditation or journaling can be powerful tools. Tune in to that inner voice – it often holds the answers you seek. What gets your heart racing with excitement? What topic could you discuss for hours on end? These are valuable clues. Don’t forget, you are a badass woman of wisdom! Use it.

Step 5: Practice Patience While Finding Your Passion

Remember that discovering your purpose and passion is a gradual journey. It’s okay to try things that don’t quite resonate at first. Sometimes, eliminating what doesn’t resonate is just as crucial as discovering what does.


Finding Purpose in life after 50 +


Step 6: Embrace Setbacks

Failure is a natural part of this process. Keep in mind that Thomas Edison made thousands of attempts before successfully inventing the light bulb. Don’t let setbacks dim your enthusiasm. Instead, learn from them, grow stronger, and keep moving forward. It’s about the journey as much, if not more than the destination.

Step 7: Start Small

You don’t need to make sweeping life changes overnight. Begin by dedicating a bit of time each day or week to explore your newfound passion. Over time, you’ll find yourself becoming more deeply engaged and committed.

Step 8: Seek Inspiration from Different Places

Dive into books, documentaries, or online communities related to your interests. Surrounding yourself with inspiration can fan the flames of your passion and keep your motivation high.

Step 9: Seek Expert Guidance When Finding Purpose in Life After 50

If you ever feel confused, find help from a therapist or coach. They can be super helpful as you navigate your thoughts, emotions, and aspirations on your journey to discovering your passion.

Step 10: Celebrate Your Milestones as an Older Woman

As you explore and uncover your passion, don’t forget to celebrate every achievement, no matter how small. You’re making progress, and each step forward is a reason to applaud yourself. It’s brave to believe in yourself. Don’t slow down now!

Girls, remember that finding your purpose is an ongoing adventure. Age is just a number – whether you’re in your 50s, 60s, or beyond, it’s never too late to embark on this journey. Your passion is your guiding star, leading you toward a brighter, more fulfilling future. So, go ahead and chase your dreams because the best is yet to come! 🌟 You might also want to check out my posts on:

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Finding Purpose in Life After 50 +

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