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Best Mascara for Older Women

March 22, 2024

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If you are a woman over 50 or better, chances are you aren’t wearing the same makeup brand and formulas that you did in your 20s. When it comes to the best mascara for older women, there are great options. Older women tend to have thinning eyelashes that are more delicate and tolerate less pulling and tugging than when we were younger. We don’t want a mascara that is difficult to remove. We also aren’t looking for spider eyes. That kind of heavy makeup look is especially unflattering to older skin. Luckily, I have tried them all, and I have some great recommendations on the best mascara for women like us!


Tubing Mascara for Over 50

In the last few years, a new type of mascara has hit the market. It’s called “tubing” mascara. Tubing mascara wraps the lashes in a…well, a tube! It deposits the color around the lashes rather than on them. But it also has great staying power. One of the best things about tubing mascara is that it lasts all day, but it comes off with just water. They just slide off the lashes, instead of the pulling and rubbing of the past. Tubing mascaras are great for both adding volume and length. In my opinion, the best mascara for older women. Here are my favorites that I have tested and used myself.


ThriveCausemetics Liquid Lash Extension Mascara

This was the first tubing mascara I ever tried, and it is still my favorite. You can apply multiple layers to add more and more length to your lashes. It’s non-irritating, safe for contacts, and doesn’t smudge or flake. My mom took my suggestion 2 years ago and gave this a try, and she’s still using it! Plus, I love that this company for every product you buy, they donate a product of donation to women in need. They are a sustainable company and offer student, teacher, and military discounts. Cruelty-free (which is a biggie for me!) and vegan, it comes in 5 colors. Love. This. Stuff.

You can also get Thrive Mascara on Amazon.


Best mascara for older women


Tarte Tartlette Tubing Mascara

This is my second fav mascara for older women. Also a tubing mascara, this one has everything the last one did. But for those of your girls who like a little more drama, they also have a Tartlette Tubing XL version for more length. There is shea butter and castor oil in this product that they claim nourishes the lashes. 24-hour smudeprrof too. Tarte has great sales several times a year, so sign up for their newsletter and watch for them.


Best mascara for older women


Lengthening Mascaras for Older Women

Tarte gifted Clay Masacara

When I want a lot of length for a special event, I love this mascara for length. It has 16-hour wear, but it also gives the lashes some lift and curl. In fact, it delivers a 31.5% increase in lash curl. I’ll take it! lashes that curl up help to visually lift our entire face, as the eyes are where people look first. This one may need a touch of face wash and warm water to remove but doesn’t need any eye makeup remover. (Hate that stuff!) For my most dramatic eyes without looking like a caterpillar is lying on my lashes, I layer this over a tubing mascara. Perfection.


Best mascara for older women


Glossier Lash Slick

This mascara has nourishing ingredients that 94% of people said made their lashes look longer after two weeks of using the product. It is a more natural-looking result, so for all you girls who just want a quick slick of mascara before they run out the door, this one is perfect for you. This is more one I would wear going to the Farmers Market than out to dinner with my hubby. But it is a winner!


Best mascara for older women


Ilia Limitless Lash Mascara

I really like this mascara for women over 50 because it has 99% clean ingredients. It has a dual-sided wand to help you lift and curl on one side, and lengthen and remove any clumps with the other. This one also only needs warm water to remove. It feels pretty weightless, and you can build coats for more drama.

You can also get Ilia Mascara on Amazon.


Best mascara for older women


Mascaras That Didn’t Work for Me

I’m not a big fan of volumizing mascara for older women. Any mascara will give you some volume to add to any sparse lashes. But without lengthening, volumizing your lashes just makes them look short and stubby. Not the look I’m going for! In addition, here are some mascaras that just didn’t work for me, and why…

Tarte Big Ego and Man Eater

I found both these mascaras to be clumpy. They didn’t leave a smooth application on my lashes, and I didn’t really see any volumizing or lengthening.

Honest Extreme Length Mascara + Primer

This just seemed like a meh mascara to me. I didn’t see extreme length, and the primer dried out very quickly in the tube.


Over the Counter Mascaras

There are two makeup products I splurge on because it makes a big difference. Foundation, and mascara. That and the fact that most of the better over-the-counter mascaras are not cruelty-free, I usually stay away. I just can’t picture what might have happened to some poor bunny just so I could have pretty lashes.

So that’s it, my list of best mascara for older women that I actually use and have tested out. I hope you find one you love!

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