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I teach women 50+ who struggle with a positive mindset (who doesn't?) to empower themselves to live an amazing life. Find the confidence and strength to change the narrative!

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Let’s build a life you’re excited to wake up to!

I get it. It's hard being a woman over 50. I am one. 
The world isn't kind to us.
"My superpower is helping women over 50 become the best version of themselves while pursuing the life they actually want.... one filled with freedom and joy."
 Be proud to be a Middle Girl!

Mid life? Nope. Mid adventure! I’m Kathy Woodard Bates, a 50+ woman who believes you’ve got to build your dreams one step at a time, no matter what your age!

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"Let's Build a Life You're Excited to Wake Up To!"

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Visit my little place in cyberspace where women over 50 and better can find articles to help them learn, grow and create the life they always deserved!
We. Are. Not. Done. 

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The Middle Girls

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"Kathy changed my whole damn life.  I felt so overlooked- she helped me realize my worth and helped me create the life I really wanted."

Rebecca McCartney, Rebaworx

I'm Kathy, your new get-a-grip best bud.

I’m an online educator, business, motivational & mindset coach, podcast host and author helping to teach women over 50 how to empower themselves to create the life they always wanted... 

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 It's never too late to rewrite your future, reignite your heart or rebuild your dreams.