How to Reinvent Yourself At 50+ – Choosing Something New

Are you a woman over 50 feeling lost and unsure of what’s next? Not exactly a woman in a midlife crisis, but more an existential quandary? Looking for a way to reinvent yourself, but not sure how to do it… or if you even should? After spending most of your adult life in “doing” mode, […]

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Confidence and self esteem for older women

Confidence and Self Esteem for Older Women – How to Boost Both

I talk a lot about the fact that women over 50 are from generations where we were taught to have low confidence and poor self esteem. That’s right girls, it isn’t your fault. Society taught us older women all the things we needed to know to have significant issues with our self love when we […]

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We Need to Have a Conversation About Mental Health and Women over 50…

I feel like so many of us struggle, especially now with the world as it is, with things unsaid, things unshared, and things unacknowledged. We don’t talk about what is hurting us…

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